01. knowing the market

02. Optimizing the process

03. creating win-wins

04. living local

05. celebrating orinda

06. finding the right fit

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  1. 01. knowing the market

    I live in the market I work in. This gives me the advantage of knowing what homes are worth and how to price them.

  2. 02. optimizing the process

    I work efficiently. I know your time is valuable and you are paying me to ensure that the process moves quickly and correctly.

  3. 03. creating win-wins

    I negotiate, therefore I am. I'm always looking to get the right fit for my clients and that includes finding the right ways to compromise, or in some cases, not.

  4. 04. Living local

    This is the town I grew up in and currently live in. I look at the people I work with as neighbors, not clients.

  5. 05. celebrating orinda

    Orinda is my life. I know homes by the generations of families that have owned them and I refer to streets as places where my memories were shaped. There is no one more "inside Orinda" than me.

  6. 06. finding the right fit

    Home buying and selling is matchmaking. I specialize in making sure the house is a home for the people purchasing it.

Let me find the Right Fit for you

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